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my warships a-lying off the coast of your delicate heart

and my aim is steady and true, as its been right from the start

poupeegirl fashion brand community

airborn, anti-depressants don't work, arcobaleno babies are cute, art, badtouching daisy, badtouching is fun, ball joint dolls, canada, cavallone idiot, chrome dokuro is adorable, city of thieves, cloud flames, cloverfield, collecting dolls, colonnello's headband, cosplay, creepy dolls, culture, daisy's got problems, derp, derpderp, derpity derp, dino is a klutz, discovery channel, dolls, don't touch me there, extreme, fanfics, green things, hetalia, higgledy piggledy, historic reenactments, history, i am also greedy, katekyo hitman reborn, kerli, kikyo and his fabulous, kittens, lambo is derp, lava bath, lavaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, lolita fashion, make up, making up words, maybe some cabbages, mist flames, mistress of the sun, mukuro in skirts, mukuro's hair, music, nature, not kikyos pants, not my pants, not your mother, not your pants, pandas, paranormal, phantom of the opera, pineapple, rain flames, reborn's hat, repo! the genetic opera, ryohei sasagawa is extreme, sewing, silliness, sky flames, skybreaker, someone stop me, sprite, starclimber, storm flames, sun flames, super heroes, super powers, super villains, the beatles, travel, tsubasa reservoir chronicle, video games, viper is greedy, vocaloids, wankery, weird connections, why, wigs, world history, writing, yellow things, zakuro bathes in lava